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Meraki is a renowned recruitment agency specialising in Financial Services, Technology, Accountancy, and Professional Services. They approached us with a request to revamp their existing website, which we had previously built for them in 2017. Meraki had recently refreshed their branding, and they wanted the new website design to align with their clear and crisp brand identity.

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The Challenge.

The primary challenge in rebuilding the Meraki website was to ensure that the design reflected their updated branding accurately. The website had to convey the professionalism, expertise, and modernity associated with the Meraki brand. We needed to create a visually appealing and intuitive user experience while incorporating the new branding elements seamlessly into the design.

The Solution.

To address Meraki's requirements, we proposed designing the new website from scratch, utilising a series of reusable elements that could be flexibly combined to construct various pages. This approach allowed us to maintain consistency throughout the website and ensured that the design elements aligned perfectly with Meraki's refreshed branding.

To empower Meraki's team to easily manage and update their website, we chose SilverStripe as the content management system (CMS). SilverStripe offers a user-friendly interface coupled with robust functionality, enabling website administrators to effortlessly expand and edit content as needed.

Additionally, we integrated the Recruitment Entrepreneur job board into the website. This integration allowed job listings from Meraki's Applicant Tracking System to be seamlessly synced with their website. By incorporating this feature, Meraki could streamline their recruitment process, providing an efficient and cohesive experience for job seekers and employers alike.

The Results.

The collaborative efforts between Meraki and our web development team resulted in the successful delivery of a visually impressive and brand-aligned website. The new site captivates visitors with its modern and professional appearance, showcasing Meraki's expertise in the recruitment industry.


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