IXICO, a leading neuroscience and neuroimaging analysis business, sought to establish a robust online presence to showcase their expertise, services, and resources. The primary project undertaken by our web development team was to design and build a website that would effectively present a vast quantity of information in an easy-to-navigate format. In addition to the website, we collaborated with IXICO on their print and digital media ventures, creating eye-catching assets and compelling case studies to support their promotional efforts.

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The Challenge.

One of the main challenges of the website project was to organize and present a significant amount of information in a user-friendly manner. IXICO needed to ensure that visitors could easily access resources such as publications, webinars, and blog posts. Another challenge was to implement custom HubSpot form integrations, enabling the client to provide gated content accessible only after filling in a form. This feature allowed IXICO to build databases of customers interested in their webinars and nurture leads effectively. Additionally, the site required visually appealing custom elements, including infographics, to effectively showcase the range of services IXICO offers.

The Solution.

Our team devised a comprehensive solution to address IXICO's challenges and meet their objectives. For the website, we created a structured navigation system that organized information into relevant categories, making it effortless for visitors to explore and find the content they desired. A dedicated resources section was designed and implemented to house publications, webinars, and blog posts, providing a centralized hub for IXICO's knowledge sharing. Custom HubSpot form integrations were integrated seamlessly, enabling gated content access and lead generation.

To enhance IXICO's promotional efforts, we collaborated on their print and digital media ventures. We leveraged our creative expertise to design visually captivating assets, including visuals for upcoming webinars, to generate buzz among their target audience. Furthermore, we partnered with IXICO to develop a series of engaging case studies. These case studies were carefully crafted to highlight the remarkable achievements and unparalleled expertise of IXICO in the field of neuroscience and neuroimaging analysis. We ensured that the case studies were easily accessible in both digital and printed formats, allowing IXICO to share their success stories conveniently.

The Results.

The collaboration with IXICO yielded significant results. The website we built provided a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly through the extensive information available. The resources section became a valuable repository for IXICO's publications, webinars, and blog posts, consolidating their knowledge sharing efforts.

The integration of custom HubSpot forms enabled IXICO to gather customer data, build databases of interested webinar attendees, and nurture leads effectively. By offering gated content, IXICO expanded their reach and cultivated a community of engaged customers.

In their print and digital media ventures, our creative assets played a pivotal role in capturing attention and generating interest in IXICO's webinars. The case studies we developed showcased IXICO's achievements and expertise.

With accessible digital and printed formats for their case studies, IXICO gained the flexibility to share their success stories widely, enhancing their reputation and influence within the industry.

Overall, our collaboration with IXICO resulted in a comprehensive web presence that effectively communicated their services, facilitated knowledge sharing, generated leads, and bolstered their brand positioning.


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