A multisite system to encompass 16 brands

Ignata is a talent solutions Agency. Biff Bang Pow worked closely with Ignata stakeholders to create an attractive site that is fully scalable with an elegant user interface. The design of the site needed to be consistent across all of their 16 brands while being customisable enough for them to maintain their individuality.

Built using SilverStripe as its core framework the site is fully content managed with the added advantage that sub sites can be created and managed through a single Content Management System. Much of the imagery has been produced by our preferred photographer Andrew Ogilvy and this lends the site a freshness and individuality. The development is an ongoing project with phased developments complimenting the continual growth and development of Ingata.


16 Brands In One Site

Ignata makes heavy use of our multisite system, with 16 brands under their umbrella the new site gives them the flexibility to create and manage new sites for each of them without needing developer intervention.


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Systems Architecture Design
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