Providing the tools to find a way forward after separation

During the process families can apply for Legal Aid. So to support these applications we have developed the Verdict App, which provides an accurate and reliable assessment of their clients and determines if they are eligible for funding or not.

The App provides a friendly interface to gather information coupled with conversational prompts to aid the assessor. The form relies on a series of highly complex validators and removes the need for the assessors to fill out the forms by hand and have their calculations checked by a second mediator. This saves time, money and improves the experience of the families at such a difficult time.

Oxford Family Mediation support children and adults when they are dealing with the fall-out, during and after separation. Through mediation you get the unbiased, professional support you need so that as parents you make the decisions that benefit your children for the rest of the their lives.

Automated excellence

A comprehensive suite of automated tests ensures the application meets the strict standards of the Legal Aid Authority.

Putting children in the centre, not in the middle


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